Field to Rent

Fenced two acres field available click here to book

Give your dog(s) free running in a fenced field without the worry of other dogs and/or people around.
Brilliant for dogs who do not socialise very well or have poor recalls or even if you wish to spend some training time with your dogs without being interrupted.
Playdates can be held here as well.

At £6 for half of hour or £10 for an hour.

Be aware that the field next to this field normally has livestock in it (llamas, sheep and/or ponies) please talk to us if this might be an issue as for a small fee, we can put them in a different area.

Opening hours

Summer: 9am to 6pm 
Winter: 9am to 4pm

To book, call/text 07779777509 or
call in at Greenfield Pet Shop, Hibaldstow.
Or book online here