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Wild bird seed is a great all around feed that can help attract a variety of different birds to your garden.

However there are a number of different types of seed you can get to help attract specific breeds of bird.

Peanuts are one of the most popular foods to feed wild birds. They are high in fat and an excellent source of calories and energy. Peanuts will help attract tits, finches, jays, nuthatches and woodpeckers to your garden.

Sunflower hearts are often seen as a must have bird seed. They have the highest calorie to weight ratio of any other seed, making them an excellent source of energy and protein. Sunflower hearts will help attract finches, woodpeckers, blackbirds, starlings, thrushes and siskins.

Nyjer seed is rich in oil and high in nutrition making it a great all year round food. Nyjer seed will help attract sparrows, siskins, finches, redpolls, pigeons and doves.

Mealworms are a rich source of protein, fiber and fats that are key for muscle development in birds. However due to the low calcium content it is always best to use mealworms alongside a mixed bird seed. Mealworms will help attract blue and great tits, house sparrows, blackbirds, robins, starlings and thrushes.

Suet Pellets, Fat Balls, Coconut Halves and Suet Blocks are a great addition to any bird feeding station. This is due to the high fat content which is crucial to a birds development, helping give them the energy they need all year round. Most wild birds will be attracted to these, however if you choose ones with mealworms they will help attract blue tits, long-tailed tits and starlings. Whereas ones with fruit or berries can help attract robins and blackbirds.

Robin and songbird food
is specially formulated to help attract songbirds and smaller birds. It contains a mixture of premium chopped ingredients including mealworms, peanuts and sunflower hearts. This is great mix to attract all types of birds but especially robins, wrens and blackbirds.

All photos courtesy of one of our lovely customers – Sue ♥

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