If you have any spare time on your hands why not try out one of these home craft projects to create something to help entertain your furry friend?

If you have a dog who loves to tear apart soft toys then why not try making a great boredom buster out of three simple things –

  • a maze rubber ball
  • scraps of fabric
  • treats


Simply fill the ball with the treats and scraps of fabric. Once your dog has had their fun getting each and every last treat simply stuff the fabric back in for next time!

Snufflemat A snufflemat is a great homemade toy that you can easily make at home. Its a great enrichment toy that lets you hide treats amongst the strands on the mat, letting your dog use their mind and nose to sniff out the tasty treats!
To make a snufflemat all you need is –

  • Strips of fabric
  • A rubber mat with holes

Simply tie the strips of fabric through the holes of the mat, making sure the strands protrude on the top side. Then keep going to fill it all up! When the mat is complete, hide treats amongst the strands and watch you dog have fun!


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