This design of harness will fit almost any size and shape of dog. The modular design ensures a secure and snug fit. Each piece can be purchased individually to accommodate the dog’s growth or replace a piece that has been damaged.
Please ring or use the contact form below if you want one of these as you need to have this fitted to your dog, getting a correct fit and taking the dog for a walk can take quite a bit of time

Perfect fit harnesses are specifically designed to distribute the weight of the dog evenly over the harness – helping to reduce pulling, rubbing and friction. The feeling of security while wearing a soft and comfortable harness can mean the dog walks more calmly and in balance. This is often sufficient to stop the dog pulling as there are no more choking sensations around the throat or sharp edges rubbing against its skin. In addition, the front piece of a Perfect Fit Dog Harness has an extra D-ring

Link to Perfect Fit Website

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