Ancol Reflective Padded Nylon Dog Harness Blue XS 35cm – 47cm


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A lightweight and comfortable alternative to the traditional collar for walking and days out with your dog, the Ancol Padded Exercise Harness is completely adjustable to ensure a perfect fit for every dog and growing puppy.

Practical and easy to fit, the harness is complete with sewn reflective stitching for additional safety when exercising in low light conditions.

A solid D-ring emerges from the soft polyester nylon base material for lead attachment and the gentle neoprene padding across the entire interior of the harness prevents rubbing and chafing on sensitive areas of the dog’s body. Sturdy plastic buckles allow for easy fitting and removal of the harness, and a durable long life of usage.

To choose the correct size of harness for your pet, measure around the dog’s girth (behind the front legs).

As a harness disperses the pressure when a dog pulls on the lead, using a harness instead of a collar can have many benefits for you and your dog, including increased control, reduced chances of neck injuries (particularly tracheal collapse, which small breeds can be particularly prone to), decreased risk of eye damage (particularly for brachycephalic breeds and those with protruding eyeballs, such as Pugs and French Bulldogs), and while a harness won’t automatically stop your dog from pulling on the lead, it can be a useful training tool with that aim in mind.

Legally, dogs must wear a collar and identity tag when in a public place, so it’s important to ensure your dog wears a correctly fitting collar at all times even if you use a harness for walks.

Ancol are committed to reducing their packaging and using recycled and recyclable packaging. The padded exercise harness range is supplied in packaging which is widely recycled.

Size Guide:

Size Girth Circumference Suggested Breeds
XS 35cm – 47cm Chihuahua Puppy, Miniature Dachshund Puppy
S 46cm – 57cm Chihuahua, Chinese Crested
M 54cm – 67cm Bichon Frise, Jack Russell Terrier
L 67cm – 87cm Dalmation, Golden Retriever
XL 88cm – 120cm Bernese Mountain Dog, Akita



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