Animology Clean Sheets


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Animology Clean Sheets are not like ordinary pet wipes; each sheet is a high performance, extra large, super tough, dual sided pet cleaning wipe that contains an advanced Animology no rinse shampoo formulation to help keep your pet cleaner and fresher for longer.

Animology Clean Sheets have a textured side to rub and scrub at dirt, and a smooth side for more gentle wiping. They are twice the size of standard wipes, so adequately cover a man’s hand – perfect for removing sticky, slimy mess, such as fox poo!

Unlike most wipes, Animology Clean Sheets are not made from lint, which breaks up easily, but are constructed from a hydroentangled sheet, which stands up to more rigorous use and is far less likely to allow the user’s fingers to break through.

Animology Clean Sheets contain an advanced formulation which is degreasing and deodorising, allowing the cleaning process to start before a full bath can be given.

Animology Clean Sheets are a “must have” for owners of dogs who love to roll and get in a mess – ideal for the car and home!


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