Lamb Sticks Hairy Giant


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Suitable for puppies over 8 weeks old. Anco Naturals should be given as a treat or reward and should be fed responsibly as part of nutritionally balanced diet. We strongly recommend that all pets are supervised with any treat and that fresh drinking water should be readily available to them at all times.


For those super keen chewers, a larger/longer lasting treat can sometimes be necessary. Anco Hairy Giant Lambs Sticks are pure and durable, perfect for exactly that! Due to the size alone, these offer plenty of chewing pleasure. As well as, upon chewing the treat actually helps the removal of tartar and plaque from their teeth, keeping their teeth nice and clean. Lamb is an excellent source of high quality protein and an outstanding source of minerals and vitamins – allow them to absorb all the tasty benefits of Lamb and also be entertained at the same time. Leaving the hair on the treats can look a little strange however the hair can actually aid the removal of any parasites from the intestinal tract!


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