Burns Free Range Egg with Carrots & Organic Brown Rice


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Burns Wet Food
Free Range Egg with Carrots & Organic Brown Rice

Responsibly sourced to support British and Irish farmers, our Free-Range Egg with Carrots & Organic Brown Rice is a sustainable vegetarian option which allows dogs to go meat free while reaping the benefits of highly digestible egg protein.

This simple, natural recipe is hypoallergenic, gluten free and made using a single protein source, making it suitable for adult and senior dogs of any breed and sensitive dogs. Previously known as Penlan Farm, our complete wet food contains free range egg, organic wholegrain brown rice, carrots, vitamins and minerals, with no hidden surprises, ensuring your dog is getting only the very best.

From time to time, you may notice slight changes in the consistency of Burns wet food, for example it may be more crumbly or softer on occasions. Please be assured this is simply due to the natural and seasonal variations of the raw ingredients.

Since November 2021 our flock of chickens have been housed full time, in line with the UK wide Animal and Plant Health Order which came into force on this day. This is in response to the outbreaks of Avian Flu across the UK, and was brought in to protect the health and welfare of all poultry. A 16 week derogation was put in place, to allow the eggs we produce to be still classed as Free Range. This derogation ended on 21 March 2022. Our eggs are now temporarily classed as ‘Barn’. Please be assured that the hens are still under the same excellent conditions as before, and that as soon as regulations allow, they will be out in the spring sunshine to stretch their wings and forage in their paddock. We will let you know as soon as this happens.



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