Millie & Ellie Stretch Millie Toy


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Stretch Millie from the Millie & Ellie collection is also an ideal toy for puppies and small to medium dogs. Extremely appealing design and colurs appeal to the natural “pet parent” instinct to babify their pet “baby”. With different materials and tasteful finishing touches that prove these toys are truly “stitched with love” it has crinkle material for a different sound experience that dogs can’t resist and it has 3 squeakers for triple excitement no matter where dogs decide to bite down on. There is a squeaker in the monkey head attached to the top part of the body with a bungee style neck covered in plush material, the top body also has a squeaker inside. Then a bungee style covered plush attaches the top body to the lower body which also has a squeaker inside. With two crinkle material feet and a bushy tail, this toy is a veritable pet playground all in itself!

Safety Warning

Before allowing your pet to play with this toy, please remove all packaging. Supervise your dog when playing with toys. Made from non-toxic materials. If this toy becomes damaged please remove from your pet immediately.




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