SmartBones Chews Medium Bone 2 in pack


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SmartBones Chews Medium Bone with Sweet Potato
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SmartBones Chews with Sweet Potato are a healthy alternative chew that is gentle on gums.
Their inner layer is made of delicious chicken breast. This layer is combined with an outer layer made of tasty vegetables such as sweet potatoes, peas, and carrots for an irresistible taste dogs love!
SmartBones don’t contain any rawhide. Mineral and Vitamin enriched, they are a healthy alternative to traditional rawhide chews.
SmartBones help maintain healthy teeth thanks to the natural abrasive action of chewing. With their texture that is softer than rawhide, they are gentle on gums while still ensuring a great chew fun!
• Made with Vegetables, Sweet Potato, and Chicken Breast
• Vitamin and Mineral Enriched
• Gentle on Gums
• Chewing helps maintain healthy teeth and gums
• Without rawhide
• Very Low Fat
• Great Taste Dogs Love!
• Suitable for Medium size dogs (from 12 to 23kg)




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