Supa Seed Scoop & Funnel



Supa Seed Scoop & Funnel

Supa Multi-Purpose Wild Bird Seed Scoop & Filling Funnel, Designed To Make Filling Your Feeder Simpler & Easier.

This clever and ergonomically designed multi-purpose scoop allows you to refill your garden bird feeders easily while minimising the spillage of seed.

The scoop is designed to make refilling quick & easy while reducing spillage. Holds approximately 475grams.

Can be used for all types of mixed Seed, Sunflower Hearts, Niger Seed.

Use the built-in sliding gate to control the flow of seed into the feeder so that you do not overfill the feeder.

The wild bird scoop has a small hole in the top so it can hung up out of the way when not in use.



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