Tuggo Ball Rope Red 7″


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” Pretty much indestructible
Tug-of-war action: the rope can be pulled from both sides – ideal for owners that want to play with their dogs or for two dogs to play together.
Water-resistant: Even when your dog plays by itself, the water weight makes it seem like your dog is playing with another dog or person.
Leak-proof: The built-in screw top is strong and safe. No tools needed.
Adjustable rope: By tying the rope in different lengths, the Tuggo can be pulled, dragged or carried.
The ball is easy to take along in a backpack or car.
The ball can also be filled with sand or gravel.
The ball floats when it isn’t filled.
The ball is suitable for every dog weighing over 18 kilos or small dogs that love a challenge.


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