Venison ears. – LARGE pk37.4912
Beef Knees “Doggy Gobstoppers”£1.616
Beef Muscle Pieces 100g£1.712
Beef Tails 250g£9.812
Billy & Margot Venison Treats£4.714
Buffalo Ear and Meat£0.8916
Buffalo Gullet 100g£4.220
Buffalo Large Tails2.5512
Buffalo Lung – 130g Bite Size Pieces3.9512
Buffalo Meat Filled Bone1.9520
Pizzle Buffalo Braided 6"1.912
Buffalo Roll1.9520
Buffalo Tails – 200g3.9512
Buffalo 6″ Twists Smoked Meat£0.2524
Buffalo Wrapped Trachea1.512
Beef Shins Approx 30cm long£416
Chicken Necks 100g1.9916
Dried Liver £1 bag £1.60 per 100g112
Pigs Inner Ears 100g2.112
Dried Whole Baltic Sprats 100g2.512
Country Hunter Superfood Bar Duck with Carrot & Pumpkin Seeds, 100g2.4916
Gourmet Fish jumbo sausages .65ea0.6512
Goats Ears With Hair1.812
Golden Paste Turmeric, 200g5.812
Gourmet Jumbo Beef & Veg Sausage .65ea0.6512
Gourmet Jumbo Chicken Sticks .65ea0.6512
Rabbit Ears Hairy 1Kg2012
Rabbit Ears Hairy 100g2.210
Buffalo Horn Hollings std£4.824
Pizzle Hollings Bulls ea1.512
Pizzle Hollings Bulls Pizzle Pack of 1013.812
Fish Bites Hollings 400g9.512
Jerky Hollings 100g212
Jerky Hollings 400g6.7512
Sprats Hollings 100g3.2512
Sprats Hollings 400g9.9912
Hollow Calcium Bones0.8512
Pig trotters JR (Front and Back Mixed) (Front and Back Mixed)212
Lamb Leg single1.8512
Lamb Muscle Pieces 100g1.710
Lamb skin with hair 500g7.812
Pig Snouts Large Puffed0.7512
Natures Menu Original Real Meaty Treats Lamb & Chicken, 60g2.158
Natures Menu Original Real Meaty Treats with Beef, 60g2.158
Natures Menu Original Real Meaty Treats with Chicken, 60g2.158
Olive Branch Small5.810
Ostrich Dino Bone1012
Lamb Spaghetti 50g2.9912
Puffed Chicken Feet £1 bag £1.20 per 100g112
Rabbit Ears 100g28
Rabbit Skin 25-30cm with Hair (100g)3.9912
Rolled Rabbit Skin with Hair6.512
Buffalo Steak Chews 100g212
Pizzle Standard Bulls112
Country Hunter Superfood Bar Salmon & White Fish with Cranberries & Kelp, 100g2.4916
Beef Skin Chews£3.512
Venison Tendon4.512
Venison Skin with Hair Large 23cm x 17cm2.912
Beef Head Skin 250g£4.512
Lamb Tails 150g5.512
Lamb Trachea 200g5.510
Cow Ears with Hair1.8516
Filled Bone – Beef & Dripping1.6524
Good Boy Christmas Variety Pack916
Hollow Hooves0.6516
Paddywack £2216
Pet Munchies Buffalo Dental Chew Large3.916
Pet Munchies Buffalo Dental Chew Medium2.916
Pork Rind Bars 50cm1.816
Puffed Jerky Davies £2216
Roasted Bone Junior0.6916
Roasted Knuckle Bone0.8516
Trachea Venison Fill324
Venison Hollings Strips 5pk3.2516
Whole Bone Jurassic2.7516
Yakers Dog Chew 1pk, med5.516
Yakers Dog Chew 2pk med11.516
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